Why we need to stop supporting fast fashion 🙅‍♀️

Hey MAD fam! 

How often do you think about where your clothes are coming from before you make a purchase? 

DISCLAIMER: We know it can be easy to not think about where your clothes are coming from, or more commonly - have no idea (knowledge is power) which is why we find it so important to educate our audience so they can make conscious and empowered choices! We understand accessibility also makes it hard for some people, which is why we try to make our clothes as affordable as possible. 

We wanted to rattle off some fast fashion facts today to put things into perspective (we were just as shocked as you): 

  1. 93% of brands surveyed by the Fashion Checker aren’t paying garment workers a living wage
  2. More than $500 billion of value is lost every year due to clothing underutilization and the lack of recycling
  3. One in three young women, the biggest segment of consumers, consider garments worn once or twice to be old
  4. Fast fashion brands use open-loop production cycles that pollute water and land
  5. The fashion industry is responsible for 8% of carbon emissions
  6. 68% of fast fashion brands don’t maintain gender equality at production facilities
  7. The effort that fast fashion brands put into sustainable production measures is decreasing
  8. Less than 11% of brands are implementing recycling strategies for their items
  9. Worker rights of fast fashion employees are strongly violated
  10. 1 in 6 people in the world works in a fashion-related job.
  11. Three out of five fast fashion garments end up in a landfill within a year of purchase.

Whilst it’s easy to disconnect from the reality of these shocking truths, you can’t deny that we, as a society, need to take more responsibility when it comes to what we consume. 

Some information about our manufacturer…

Our beautiful manufacturer from Bali embodies the values that we live and breathe. Sustainability is at the forefront of her mind and they continuously strive to find new and inventive ways to make our pieces kind for the earth. 

We pay above minimum wages and allow for a reasonable work timeline so our manufacturer and her team are not under unrealistic pressures. 

We ensure we are not paying per month as this does not reflect being paid for the work you do. 

Our manufacturer is a part of the "I made your clothes" movement. This is a global movement powered by the Fashion Revolution Week. It’s a time when we come together as a global community to create a better fashion industry. This is a week to focus on human rights and the rights of nature. The aim is to amplify unheard voices across the fashion supply chain. 

We are dedicated to ensuring all our products are made ethically from start to finish. So we are so proud to be a part of this movement. ⁠

The best thing you can do from here is ask yourself Where are my clothes coming from? Who made them? Are they using sustainable materials? Does what I am purchasing align with my values?

You don't need to change your whole life to make a difference, knowledge is power! 

We hope this blog has helped you & you’ve learnt a bit more about the fashion industry! 

We know it’s not always easy when it comes to making conscious choices and there are a lot of factors at play (transparency, accessibility & knowledge) but small changes add up & any change is better than no change!

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions!

Love Mads & Jayme x