Our Journey

MAD Active is a sustainable and ethical activewear brand that is working hard to make a difference.


Sustainability is at the forefront of our minds, know that each time you shop with MAD your purchase is following a sustainable line from start to finish

MAD Active was founded to allow individuals to look good and feel great without costing the earth.

Our nature activewear collection is made up of 73% recycled polyester and 27% spandex from recycled PET-bottle. The recycled polyester we use is from TOP-green.

TOP-green is an environmentally friendly material made from recycled PET-bottles. It is certified by global recycle standard and granted Taiwan green mark. Processed through grinding, washing, melting, re-polymerising, spinning and texturising into yarn.

The activewear undergoes eco-friendly sublimation printing. This process uses heat to bring the ink and fabric together. It results in minimum wastage ensuring no dye gets into the water system.

We pack all items using biodegradable bags from Cassava that will dissolve in hot water in 5-10 minutes. Our mailers are also 100% biodegradable when composted or thrown away.

MAD Active says NO to fast fashion. We ensure ethical practices at every stage of the production line. Our manufacturers hold a fair trade and child labour free certificate.

Our Manufacturing Process

Our ethical journey starts from the beginning, we care about who makes your clothes & want to ensure they are giving fair working conditions.

Here at MAD we are so dedicated to ensuring the entire manufacturing process is ethical. 

Our beautiful manufacturer from Bali embodies the values that we live and breathe. Sustainability is at the forefront of her mind and they continuously strive to find new and inventive ways to make our pieces kind for the earth. 

We pay above minimum wages and allow for a reasonable work timeline so our manufacturer and her team are not under unrealistic pressures. 

We ensure we are not paying per month as this does not reflect being paid for the work you do. 

Our manufacturer is a part of the "I made your clothes" movement. This  is a global movement powered by the Fashion Revolution Week. It’s a time when we come together as a global community to create a better fashion industry. This is a week to focus on human rights and the rights of nature. The aim is to amplify unheard voices across the fashion supply chain. ⁠At MAD Active, we are dedicated to ensuring all our products are made ethically from start to finish. So we are so proud to be a part of this movement. ⁠⁠You can find out more about the movement at:https://www.fashionrevolution.org/⁠If you have any questions about our manufacturing process please feel free to email us athello@madactive.com.au

Giving back to those in need

Part of conscious purchases means making a difference. When you shop with MAD you are doing just that...

$1 from every sale goes directly to the Save-A-Dog Scheme (SADS). SADS is a community-based not-for-profit animal welfare organisation that saves hundreds of dogs and cats from being killed every year. They have a no-kill philosophy and provide veterinary care to sick or injured animals so they can live out their natural lifespan. SADS was established in 1985 to offer a humane alternative to the killing of unwanted dogs, especially dogs of good temperament, that would otherwise be destroyed at pounds and shelters and later included caring for and sheltering cats as well.

MAD has chosen to donate $1 of every sale to the Save-A-Dog Scheme. A charity so close to our hearts to save our furry friends. Here at MAD we are so dedicated to making every single part of our business impactful. By donating $1 from every sale, you can feel like your money is going to something meaningful andcreating great change. This is something we are so proud of & hope you are too. 

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