Sustainability around the kitchen 🍽


Hey MAD Fam 

Let’s chat about sustainability around the home… 

More specifically, around the kitchen! 

You guys know one thing we are passionate about is being sustainable, and that extends beyond our product range! 

Every chance we get, we are finding a sustainable solution… 

So we wanted to share some with you! 

Use reusable baking paper: 

This is one of our favourite hacks! Have you ever seen reusable baking paper!? It is such a game changer! Instead of using new baking paper each time, try swapping to reusable baking paper! You can buy it here

Have a compost: 

Having a compost is so important because it allows anything that can decompose to break down without it going into landfill. Composting also improves soil quality by increasing the amount of organic materials and micronutrients. When compost is added to existing soil, it adds nutrients such as carbon and nitrogen which help with photosynthesis. Composting also helps your soil to retain moisture which means you don't have to water as often.

Use containers instead of glad wrap:

The next time you go to reach for the glad wrap, swap it out for a container! This limits the amount of waste you are using! 

Use beeswax wraps instead:

 If you feel like ditching the cling wrap is impossible, try replacing it with beeswax wraps which are washable, reusable and made from environmentally-friendly materials. You can buy it here.

Run your dishwasher smartly:

In addition to running your dishwasher only when you have a full load ready, make sure you’re choosing the most water and power efficient setting. If your washer has an “Eco” setting, that’s what you should go for. While the speed setting might seem better, it often uses more power and water to get the job done quickly. Instead, opt for an automatic setting which uses sensors to gauge how long the cycle should run. Skip the rinse and heat dry cycles, as well.

There are so many easy and simple swaps you can make in your kitchen that make the world of difference to how sustainable you are around your house! 

If you love these tips, let us know & we will be sure to write more blogs on it. 

Love always 

Mads & Jayme xx