Hey MAD Fam 

We have some exciting news, and you’re the first to know… 🤫

Today we are going live with a brand new product! 

The newest & most versatile kid on the block, introducing our…

Wheat Straw Shaker Bottle! 

Prepare to shake things up with the 600 ml Wheat Straw Shaker Bottle. Made from biodegradable wheat straw & PPE.

MAD's mission is to create sustainable, premium, and affordable alternatives to single-use and 100% plastic-based products. 

This Eco-Friendly Wheat Straw Protein Shaker helps you achieve your nutritional goals, while being your sustainable best.

They come with a mixing ball to break apart any clumps and a handy loop which makes it soft and comfortable to hold. 

Non-toxic and BPA free, it is durable and dishwasher safe.

Whether you are looking for a bottle for your smoothie, water or pre workout, this shaker bottle has got you covered (we have even tested it for making cocktails and we had no spills 🤭)  

With advanced technology, our shaker bottles will leave you stress free as you carry your pre workout in your gym bag with NO SPILLS. We are so excited to bring you this product and hope you love it as much as we do! 

The best bits: 

  • 600 ml capacity
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: Made from ecologically sourced Wheat Straw material, BPA-free
  • PRACTICAL: Lightweight and easy to clean
  • VERSATILE: Can be used as a protein shaker, water or tea bottle, coffee mug

This really is the perfect bottle and it can be all yours for just $19.95

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Love always 

Mads & Jayme x