Did you know we are waste free? ♻️


Hey MAD fam

This week we have a couple of questions for you, we’re curious to know…

♻️ Did you know we are waste free as a company? 

♻️ Do you know what waste free means? 

♻️ Have you ever thought about whether a company is waste free? 

Being waste free is tough, we aren’t going to lie, there are a lot of components, a lot of hurdles & often it can be quite expensive as a business.

But, we are so proud as a company to say we are completely waste free! We know it’s a huge achievement, which many companies are still working towards, so we wanted to unpack a bit more about it and share a little bit about our journey to becoming waste free. 

From the beginning, we knew MAD was destined to be waste free (which, incase you are wondering, means ZERO waste, not one bit), we knew there would be times where we were challenged to find a waste free alternative and it hasn’t always been rainbows and sunshine, but every single step has been so worth it. 

So what makes us waste free as a company?

By now I am sure you are well aware that all of our pieces are made from recycled plastic bottles, which is amazing in itself because it is turning trash into treasure and bringing you some of the comfiest (yes, comfiest) activewear to ever grace your body… but what happens with the off cuts? What are our pieces packaged in? How are they dyed? 

Firstly, our beautiful pieces are packaged in cassava bags (these are amazing, any biz owners get onto it, you can find their site here)...  Cassava bags are not only biodegradable, but they actually BREAK DOWN UNDERWATER (hold for applause) or you can plant them and they will grow a cassava plant (WHAT!?), this product is amazing, and has been an incredible element in our biz journey so far! 

They are also delivered in compostable mailers, which means you can put the mailers in your compost bin and they will break down, again this = zero waste. 

We also use waste free & chemical free dyes, the dye is reused and is non toxic to our waterways which means it isn’t causing harm to our environment. The dyes are usually plant dyes and have been made using some mind blowing things (e.g olives, mango trees, coconuts).  

So obviously when making clothes, there will be off cuts and parts of the material that aren’t used for the clothes… this seemed like a hurdle that was going to be hard to overcome. 

But, we of course, rose to the challenge and came up with the cutest solutions (in collaboration with our amazing manufacturer who is constantly striving to find sustainable solutions)...

We do 1 of 3 things with the offcuts, the first, is we use the off cuts to make the inserts of dog beds (if you’ve been to bali, you would know how needed dog beds are there, so this just seemed like a no brainer).

We also send some of our offcuts and left over material to the orphanages in bali, this just gives them the chance to utilise the material. 

And lastly, we turn our offcuts into the cutest sustainable scrunchies! 

Which brings me to my next point! We recently stocked up on scrunchies and are so excited to announce that you can now purchase a dalmatian scrunchie for just $9.99 from our website! (add this to any order and make your outfit cute from head to toe) 

If you have any other questions about how MAD is waste free, please reach out! We are happy to answer your questions!

Have a beautiful morning or night, whenever you are reading! 

Love always, 

Mads & Jayme x