BTS of our GAIA Collection ✨

Hey MAD Fam, 

Our collection recently went live, and you have all been loving it! 

So, we thought we’d give you a little BTS of the collection coming to life… 

Welcome to the GAIA collection, GAIA meaning earth, the collection that is all about stripping it back to our most natural selves, our most authentic selves and stepping into who we truly want to be. 

We designed this collection to remind you that you are enough just as you are, you are NOT too much, too loud, too chatty, too outgoing - you are enough and you are worthy… 

We want this collection to remind you to show up as your authentic you and love yourself from the inside out. There are too many boxes that society creates for us, and we want to stand as a reminder that you don’t need to fit a box or mold. 

Each piece is named after a different element of earth. 

We have our Sahara sets, red like the desert, inspired by all the beauty in the world. 

We have our Kailani deep blue like the ocean, there to remind you that you are strong and powerful. 

We have our Aranya sets, green like a forest, there to remind you that your natural you is the best you. 

And lastly our Sapphire sets - there to remind you that you are a rare gem who holds so much beauty!

Each set with our best material yet, designed with your comfort in mind.

Arguably our most flattering design yet, our halters add an element of style to your workouts and are definitely our favourite design to date. 

We are SO happy with how this collection turned out and hope you love it too! 

You can shop the collection here. 

Love always 

Mads & Jayme x