Life changing habits to keep your mind happy & healthy 🌿


Hey MAD Fam 

Times are tough right now, the world feels heavy, there are things we can’t control, but there are still things we can control. 

We know it feels almost impossible to pull yourself up & see things positively right now, and we aren’t going to tell you to do that, but we do have a few things for you to focus on for the next week. 

The thing that’s helped us the most right now is small daily habits, little achievable goals each day and sticking to some sort of routine. 

Whether you are working currently or unable to, these small changes will make the world of difference. 

  • Drink 2L of water a day 
  • This sounds like a strange one but keeping hydrated is a game changer. Drinking enough water each day is crucial for many reasons: to regulate body temperature, keep joints lubricated, prevent infections, deliver nutrients to cells, and keep organs functioning properly. Being well-hydrated also improves sleep quality, cognition, and mood.

  • Practice gratitude each day (3 small things) 
  • Whilst it can be hard to see the positives right now, finding 3 things you are grateful for is so beneficial. Whether it’s the smell of your coffee in the morning, the warm water on your skin in your morning shower or just the smell of fresh air when you step out your front door, there are always things to be grateful for & gratitude will always lift your mood. 

  • Limit your screen time/news time 
  • We know when we get too consumed with our screens and caught up in all the devastation in the world, it can really start to affect our mood. If you feel like the news is overwhelming you or causing you to feel anxious, try turning off the screens and focusing on your present moment. 

  • Mute people on social media who are adding to your anxiousness
  • Much like the news at the moment, social media can feel really heavy. A lot of people have some strong opinions and sometimes it can feel overwhelming, if people start to drain your energy, simply mute them. We are giving you permission to put your mental health first during these times. 

  • Move your body in some way each day 
  • We know motivation is running low right now but we promise, if you just move, you will feel better. Whether you only have energy for a walk, a stretch or a yoga flow or whether you are in the mood for a run, HIIT or some strength training, our mental health has been dramatically better on the days we’ve worked out, rather than the days we haven’t. 

  • Text a friend or family member each day 
  • We know being separated (for the majority of us) from our family and friends is a really tough situation to be in but staying connected is all we can do. Whether it’s a text, a facetime or a group zoom, try and stay as connected as possible during this time. 

  • Meditate (5 mins each morning) 
  • We must admit, meditating can be hard with a busy brain and so much distraction, but even just giving yourself 5 minutes of breathing can make the world of difference. 

  • Eat wholefoods 
  • We know right now it’s tempting to reach for the ice cream instead of the veggies, but we also know, eating a mainly wholefood diet will make you feel happy and healthy from the inside out. Of course, treat yourself and inject joy into your day with foods you love, but also try and eat your veggies & protein 80% of the time too. 

    We are sending so much love to you right now and our messages are always open. 

    Love Mads & Jayme x