Why are our pieces so limited? 👗

Hey MAD Fam,

It’s launch day & launch days are always our favourite time! But today we wanted to address something that often comes up… 

We wanted to chat a bit about why our pieces are so limited! 

There are a few reasons & before we get into the first one, 

We wanted to break down some facts for you…

  1. When they did studies in America, they found that on average, an individual was throwing away 81 pounds of clothing a year
  2. Volume-based business models simply cannot become sustainable
  3. Three out of five fast fashion items end up in a landfill
  4. One in three young women, the biggest segment of consumers, consider garments worn once or twice to be old

Now with those facts in mind, you can imagine why we keep our stock limited. We are so passionate about bringing you guys a sustainable & ethical activewear option, but we need to keep that at the forefront of our minds in all that we do and by over consuming, we, put simply, are not remaining sustainable & ethical. 

You cannot be a sustainable company if you are: 

  1. Creating too much stock 
  2. Holding too much stock 
  3. Contributing to too much waste

Which are all key factors when it comes to manufacturing large amounts of stock!

We also, as stated, are very passionate about ensuring our business remains ethical. It’s no secret fast fashion puts their workers under unrealistic time pressure to pump out an unrealistic amount of clothing, which is something we will never do. 

We work very closely with our manufacturer for months to bring you a collection & we want to ensure our collections are realistic for her, and her amazing team, to fulfill. If we were to increase our quantity to an unrealistic amount, we are putting them and their safe working conditions at risk. 

There is a third reason, and that reason is our budget. We are just starting out, so we need to make orders that are realistic to us. As our demand grows, the stock will grow too (this will be done sustainably, ethically & gradually)... But baring in mind, each time we bring out a collection, we are investing in our business & that is always a risk, but a risk we wouldn’t change for the world! Which is why each time you shop with MAD, you are doing more for us than you know! 

We hope this has given you some insight into what goes on behind the scenes at a small, sustainable & ethical brand! 

We will always be transparent and open with you guys and take you along the whole process, so please, if you have any questions, reply to this email or DM us, we are more than happy to answer them! 

Love always, 

Mads & Jayme xx