What exactly goes into making a sustainable loungewear collection?

Hey MAD Fam, 

Our lounge collection goes live tonight & we thought we’d bring you all along on the journey from start to finish. 

So, what exactly goes into creating a lounge collection?

Well it certainly was a process. I don’t think we truly could predict what it was going to entail. 

From finding the right sustainable material, to perfecting the design, we certainly faced a few hurdles along the way. 

Let’s take you all the way back to the beginning… 

So, you may have seen on our socials, but before our manufacturer, we sampled A LOT before we found the right fit.  

To put it into perspective: we sampled with a few manufacturers, sent over a brief (basically asking for an oversized chocolate brown loungewear set), the samples we got sent were a bit laughable. We somehow ended up with: 

  • A green jumper with lightning bolts on it 
  • Bright yellow track pants 
  • A navy blue skin tight hoodie & track pant set 
  • A see through white legging & jumper set 

To put it lightly, they did not pick up what we were putting down.

Fast forward to us finding our manufacturer & we finally had a sample that made all of our loungewear dreams a reality. The softest material, the most luxe design & the perfect fit. 

We can understand why you don’t see many sustainable loungewear brands around, because it certainly was our hardest collection to perfect & the longest in the making. 

So what exactly makes our loungewear sustainable? 

  • The fabric is made from Organic Bamboo and Spandex/Elastane, making it SO soft to touch. 
  • It is dyed using traditional hand dye technique with certified non toxic DyStar Ink. This means the residue is safe to flow back into the water stream. 
  • The drying process is 100% reliant on natural sunlight with no electricity involved for energy efficiency. 
  • The drawstring is made from cotton that is again, using traditional hand dye technique.

This collection is luxe meets comfort & we truly mean it when we say, it feels like you’re wearing nothing at all. 

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Love always

Jayme & Mads xx