The story of how we started... 😲 💖

Hey MAD crew 

So we are officially launching our blog and what better way to start our blog than with our business story and how we got to where we are today… 

It’s a long one, so grab your popcorn and strap in. 

To firstly introduce ourselves, we are Mads & Jayme - two girls who are so passionate about sustainability, fitness & wellness, which are the pillars this brand was built on. We are here to make waves in the wellness space and even more importantly, bring you a sustainable solution that doesn’t cost the earth. 

Mads is the queen of all things logistics, manufacturing, numbers, customer service & fulfilling orders. Jayme is the marketing & digital nerd and loves all things creativity, social media and digital marketing. So together - we make 2 halves of the whole business (dream team some may say). 

The story of MAD started before we even met, but it’s only the beginning for what lays ahead. 

To take you back to the beginning, our beautiful founder Mads was embarking upon the trip of a lifetime to Europe. What felt like years for the build up to board the plane was really her nerves taking over as she was about to do something she never thought she could. 

Before I continue on, there is something you should know about Mads, she is terrified of flying. The real gut wrenching fear where you don’t think you’ll survive it. 

But, she did it. She boarded that plane and flew solo all the way across the globe to fulfill her travel dreams. 

This was huge for Mads and in that moment she realised she could do anything she set her mind to, the sky was her limit (literally) and this sparked a fire inside of her that wasn’t going to be put out without a serious fight. 

So the idea of owning a business was born. 

Mads ummed and ahhed on the details but she knew she wanted to combine her love for sustainability & health/fitness. 

So of course - it was going to be an activewear brand. The idea fell into her lap and she realised this was her purpose, this is what she was meant to be doing. 

But not just any activewear, this activewear was going to be made from recycled PET plastic bottles (still blows our mind that our beautiful pieces were once a used up plastic bottle that could potentially cause damage to the earth). 

Mads spent months and months searching for the perfect manufacturer. 

One that embodied the values that MAD stood for. 

Until one day, we struck gold. We found a manufacturer who shares ALL the values that this beautiful brand was built on. 

Mads sent off some designs and the samples came back - it was perfect. 

She did it, this is another thing that seemed near impossible, and she accomplished it. 

December 2020 the business launched, to say we are grateful for the support that was shown would be an understatement. 

But it wasn’t all happy tears. Mads thought the hardest part of starting a business was just that, starting a business. 

But she soon learnt that no matter how good your products are, if your message isn’t out there the sales won’t come in. 

(Business tip for anyone thinking of starting a business: invest in your marketing) 

Fast forward to Jan 2020, post launch, along came Jayme. 

We met and instantly had a connection, we both lived and breathed health, wellness, sustainability & living a plant-based lifestyle.  

We both knew that this was meant to be. We joined forces and haven’t looked back since. 

We are on a mission to provide a sustainable but affordable activewear brand so everyone can make the conscious choice of saving this planet. 

We know it can be hard to do the right thing, because the right thing always seems to be 10x more expensive. That’s why we have made our activewear affordable. 

Did you know that there are more than 8 million tons of plastic bottles going into the sea each year 😟 That means by 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in the sea. Each time you shop with MAD you are recycling plastic bottles and helping keep our oceans cleaner. 

That is the sole reason we do what we do - to create a conscious community where everyone is accepted, loved and appreciated. 

If you have any questions about how we started, who we are or where we are going - please reach out. 

Keep your eye out on our blog as we will be dropping weekly blog’s filled with business tips, sustainability tips, our favourite brands, what’s coming up and SO MUCH MORE. 

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On a final note, thank you so much to everyone who has supported our journey so far, from a simple like, to investing in us, it all doesn’t go unnoticed and we are forever grateful. 

Watch this space because there are big things coming. 

Love always 

Mads & Jayme xx