Sustainable hacks & why small changes are better 🌱

Hey MAD fam

It’s time for our bi-weekly newsletter/EDM and this week we wanted to chat about sustainable hacks & why small changes are better than no changes at all! 

Recently on our IG we asked our MAD fam what sustainable hacks they use around their home & it was cool to see what tips and tricks everyone has! 

Surprisingly, a lot of people weren’t already implementing these tips, but they were going to start! 

We think for a lot of people, they just don’t have the awareness to make those choices, so, we thought, the best way to create change is to educate those around us! 

We are still learning ourselves, there are SO many things we weren’t doing when we began our sustainability journeys, but we picked things up along the way, dug deep with research and made small and achievable changes where we could! 

So why are small changes better?

Well, small changes are better than no changes & you are more likely to stick to small changes than to big changes. 

For example, if you say: ‘I’m going to completely cut out any waste or rubbish’ - you are quickly going to realise just how much that impacts your life & are probably going to throw the towel in pretty quickly! 

Whereas if you say, ‘I’m going to start taking my soft plastics to Woolworths to recycle them’ - that’s an achievable small change that doesn’t really impact your life too much! 

So, we always say, start with small achievable steps and it’ll lead you to a more sustainable life! 

Some of our favourite hacks around the home are: 

  1. Having a compost to limit general waste 
  2. Using ‘soap’, ‘shampoo’ and ‘dishwashing’ bars instead of in bottles
  3. Shop at bulk food stores where you can
  4. Use reusable coffee cups 
  5. Use reusable shopping bags 

What are yours?

Love Mads & Jayme x