Some of our favourite sustainability hacks around the home ♻️

Hey MAD crew 

Today we are coming to you with our favourite sustainability hacks around the home. 

You may have seen on our Instagram that we post sustainability tips weekly & each Monday we have ‘Sustainability Mondays’ which is a segment dedicated to sustainability and how we can make small changes to become a more sustainable society. 

As you would know, sustainability is such a huge part of MAD & why MAD was born, we have the belief that every single person should care about sustainability to some degree, because after all, the earth is everyone’s home. 

We aren’t expecting you to make any drastic changes, but it certainly is the small things that make up to BIG things. So today, we wanted to run you through some of our favourite sustainability hacks we like to implement around the house. 

Tip #1: Have a compost 

If you don’t have a compost by now, we highly recommend getting one. Composts are a great way to dispose of leftover food scraps or anything that is compostable. It saves this waste from ending up in landfill & saves your bin from becoming overflowing. A great place to start for simple compost bins is Flora & Fauna 

Tip #2: Recycle soft plastics 

Did you know that Woolworths will recycle your soft plastics? At home we keep a bag full of all our soft plastics and once it becomes full we pop it in the soft plastics bins at Woolworths. To test whether an item is valid for the soft plastic bins, we recommend doing the scrunch test, if you can scrunch it, you can pop it in.

Tip #3: Wash any take away containers and reuse them 

Are you someone who opts for takeaway? Takeaway containers that are not reused and go straight into the bin go to the landfill. It produces emission of harmful greenhouse gases like methane. It also emits ammonia and hydrogen sulphide. All dangerous and harmful to the environment. So next time you order takeaway be sure to wash & reuse them. 

Tip #4: Reuse the sandwich bags 

This one is HUGE, for us we’ve grown up in households that wash and reuse sandwich bags (if we use sandwich bags at all). This will reduce the amount of waste you produce and also save you money (win, win!!!) 

Tip #5: Don’t use glad wrap, use something reusable (ie. container) 

If you’re still using glad wrap, then I mean - what are you doing?!! 😂 (kidding) But in all seriousness - glad wrap can contribute to a lot of your wastage, so be sure to use containers instead! 

Tip #6: Reusable baking paper

Did you know that you can get REUSABLE BAKING PAPER! How genius is that, make sure you opt for a reusable option rather than constantly using & throwing out baking paper. 

Tip #7: Buy things in bulk (sauces) 

When buying sauces (e.g. Tomato sauce, BBQ sauce) make sure you reuse a smaller bottle and buy big bottles to reduce the amount of sauce bottles you are throwing away. 

Tip #8: Make use of bulk food stores

Head down to your local bulk food store and fill up your own jars or containers with spices, flours etc. You can use old olive jars (or something similar) to use as a reusable container. 

Tip #9: Use ‘Who Gives a Crap’ toilet paper 

Try using companies like ‘Who Gives a Crap’ when buying toilet paper. Toilet paper is obviously a necessity in every household, but by shopping through companies that are trying to make this process more sustainable, you are making a huge difference. 

Remember: A small change is better than no change at all! 

Good luck! 

Love always, 

Mads & Jayme x