Our top 5 non-negotiables in our every day routine 🌿


Hey Mad Fam! 

If you follow along on our socials you would know we are huge advocates for mental health & wellness and for prioritising self-care and self-love every single day. 

We know it can be hard to do things for you & to be actively trying to incorporate wellness practices into your already busy schedule, so today we wanted to share with you our top 5 non-negotiables every day that help us stay on top of our health and wellness. 

By now I am sure you are aware that wellness is a huge component of the MAD community and we try to embody it in all that we do, so we hope we can help you even a little bit on your health & wellness journey!

Our top 5 non-negotiables in our every day routine 

1. Move our body 

We all know that moving our bodies is critical for our physical health and mental health, whether it’s a quick 20 minute walk, a 15 minute yoga flow or a 45 minute HIIT session, try and get in some form of movement every day. It does wonders for your mindset, productivity & reducing stress. 

2. Get up with or before the sun (even on the weekends)

Getting up in the morning can sometimes seem like a mission, especially on a cold winter’s morning in Melbourne 🥶 but, we have found it SO beneficial getting up with or before the sun! Win the morning, win the day! We used to be guilty of a cheeky Saturday morning sleep in, but now our body clocks wake us up early even on the weekends. Whilst it can be so nice to have a sleep in (which sometimes we need), it can also make it even harder to keep that routine during the week! Try getting up even 20 minutes earlier each day & see how you feel!!

3. Drink 2L’s of water a day 

This one may seem obvious, but lately we have really been prioritising drinking 2L of water and it has made the biggest difference to our energy levels, reducing brain fog and avoiding that 3pm slump! We all know water is vital for survival, but sometimes it can be easy to get to 4pm and realise we haven’t had a sip of water all day! We have found it super helpful lately to keep a 2L bottle of water at our desk all day so we are aware of our water intake & therefore drinking minimum 2L’s a day! 

4. Practice gratitude every morning

If you haven’t started practicing gratitude, then this is going to be a gamechanger! Gratitude is one of the biggest contributors to having good mental health. Not only does it make you more aware of all the blessings you have, it also helps you vibrate at a higher level and therefore attract more blessings into your life! Whether you say it out loud or write it down, try practicing gratitude every morning & watch the mindset shift! 

5. No phones after 8pm 

We love a cheeky 9pm bedtime, which means we avoid our phones after 8pm! Not only does it help us switch off and unwind, it also has such a positive impact on our quality of sleep! This has been one of the biggest game changers in our daily routines (especially being biz owners, it can be so hard to switch off!!) 

What are your daily non-negotiables? What habits do you implement currently? What habits do you want to implement in your everyday routine?

We find even just sitting there and reflecting on tiny habits we want to implement can make such a difference! 

Our challenge to you this week is to sit down and reflect on your current habits & make a couple of goals to start implementing new non-negotiables into your everyday routine!

Love always

Mads & Jayme x