Meet the owners 👯‍♂️

Hey MAD Fam 

We hope you’re having a beautiful week, 

With so many new faces in the MAD community, we thought it was about time we dedicate a whole blog to meeting the owners aka US! 

We know getting to know a brand and it’s personality a lot of the time comes back to the owners, so why not give you the full run down. 

We’ll start with the Founder & Co-owner: Madison Pallotta

Mads is the queen of all things legal, logistics, manufacturing & customer care. 

Her greatest passions in life are health and fitness. Her mission to lead a sustainable and healthy life has given her the drive to pursue MAD Active. If Mads isn’t on her computer (glamourous life being a biz owner) she’s out in nature, in the kitchen trialling new recipes or doing a workout of some kind. 

The other half of the biz is Jayme (me, hello). I’m what some would call a marketing & digital media nerd. 

I’m a health junkie and massive advocate for being kind to thyself whilst being kind to the Earth. I live and breathe all things digital and have an extensive background in the marketing and communications world. I live to eat, take photos of food and find cool places to eat food (did I mention I love food?)

If I’m not on my laptop (it’s a rare sighting), I’m socialising, doing self-development work, working out or cooking! 

Mads & I always joke about being the perfect pair because we both share such a passion for all things health, wellness & sustainability but both have such different interests when it comes to the business. 

Mads loves to crunch numbers, write contracts, be in front of the camera and be across our analytics, whereas I would much rather be behind the camera, writing blogs, getting creative & diving deep into our marketing strategy. 

We went from strangers to business partners within 24 hours, but after we met, it was a no brainer to join forces. 

Let us know if you like learning about us and our journey, we can certainly tell more!

In the meantime, sending love to you all, especially those still in lockdown!

Love always, 

Mads & Jayme xx