Introducing our DALMATIAN COLLECTION ⚫️⚪️

Hey MAD crew, 



Boy oh boy has this been in the works for a while and with a few complications and setbacks, we finally have it in our hands and can we just say, we love it more than we thought was possible. 

Are you ready to be bold?
Are you ready to be powerful?
Are you ready to be fierce? 

We bring you a collection that was designed to help you be your BEST you & give you the motivation and inspiration to be whoever you want to be in life. 

When we set out to design this collection we were thinking fiercely, we were thinking boldly and we were thinking powerfully which is why our designs reflect exactly that. 

This collection is for our go-getters, for our overachievers, for our strong women, for our powerful women and for the women who want to take life into their own hands. 

This collection was made for you, with you and your comfort in mind throughout the whole process. 

We are bringing you five (YES FIVE) new sets. 

  • Our white Dalmatian pattern that comes in both shorts & pants with a matching crop. 
  • Our black Dalmatian pattern that comes in both shorts & pants, with a matching crop. 
  • An all black set that has been highly requested. 

With advanced technology, our new pieces are designed to be squat proof, sweat proof and extremely flattering (we’ve even made them a v design around the waist) 

Each set comes in sizes XS-XXL so it really is for everyone! 


We are women living in a society that tells us to be less. To weigh less, to talk less, to be less… We are here to abolish societies standards and start living as our fiercest self. This is for the women who want to dominate in the gym, excel at work and be unapologetically themselves. You deserve to be fierce. 


In a world that tells us to be less, we want to tell you to be MORE. Be more yourself, in whatever way that looks. Stand out, take chances, take risks. Dare to be BOLD, dare to be unapologetically yourself, we love you for that. 


When society tells us to be dainty and feminine, we tell you to be POWERFUL AND STRONG. This collection is designed to make you feel powerful, because you are. You have no idea how much power you hold. 

Like what you hear?

We are launching to the general public on the 6th of May 5PM AEST. Pieces are limited so we highly suggest you set your alarms. 

Want early access? We are launching to our mailing list on the 4th of May exclusively, if you want access to the drop early, then you can sign up here

Get excited MAD crew, this is going to be amazing! 

Love Mads & Jayme x