How to be more sustainable in just 5 simple steps ♻️ with Ingrid Bishop 💚


Hey MAD crew 

Today we have some tips from the very fabulous @scaled_wellness on how you can be more sustainable around the home. 

These are some super simple, easy to implement tips that anyone can do. 

We believe in small changes that make a big difference. 

Here are Ingrid’s top 5 tips. 

1. Implement more plastic free habits around the home 

  • Mesh bags for produce instead of the grocery provided plastic bags.
  • Switch to biodegradable cloths/sponges and dish brushes instead of plastic handled tools and traditional sponges made from synthetic materials.
  • With foods that come in plastic ie; muesli bars or empty cereal packets, dispose of the wrappers using the soft plastics bins at Coles. 
  • Purchase soaps and shampoos that are in the form of bars and are sold in cardboard boxes, instead of temporary use plastic shampoo bottles. 
  • Use biodegradable waste-bags when you take your dog for a walk. is an excellent website for vegan and environmentally friendly items. 

2. Use Keep Cups & re-usable containers when you get takeaway food from your cafes and restaurants. Think of how many people get a coffee on the way to work; every single day!

3. Purchase a menstrual cup and re-usable pads to eliminate tampon and pad waste going into landfill (an average woman throws out 125-150kg of pads and tampons in their lifetime and spends up to $20,000 on period related products, yikes!)

4. Sell or give away things you don’t need on Facebook marketplace, or ask a friend if they need something that you don’t want anymore (eg; un-used note books, clothes that don’t fit, household items such as clothing racks, bedside tables etc). Buy more things on marketplace too! (Furniture, clothing, appliances).

5. Implement a few plant-based meals to your week to reduce the amount of meat being purchased. Think; Lentil Bolognese, tempeh massaman curry, sticky soy mushroom stir fry… refer to for nutritious and easy to follow plant-based recipes. Start with meat free Mondays! On a global scale, the meat industry generates nearly a fifth of the man-made greenhouse gases that are accelerating climate change, more than the entire transport sector.

Please let us know if you like these sorts of tips as we love to know what is valuable for you!

Love always 

The MAD team x